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    To the Class of 2005

    It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. ~E.E. Cummings

    Class of 2005:

    It has been four months since that fateful day of graduation and in the immortal words of Monica Gellar; “Welcome to the real world. You’re going to hate it”.

    To those of you lucky enough to have found some sort of employment after your graduation. I applaud you. You now realize why your parents were always in a shitty mood when they got home from work and that try as you might, it’s impossible to live off of anything less than $60,000. But you’ll try like hell damn it; to learn how to budget and go without that fourth vodka tonic. Instead you’ll go with the $1 beers. And to those of you, who have yet to find gainful employment, let the good times roll. You may be bored and sick of asking mommy and daddy to revive your depleted bank account, but you know and they know that they can’t say “no”. I’m sure by now for all of you, the boredom has set in, but don’t feel too bad, because the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

    For almost 17 years you waited to graduate from college. Not just to be out from under your parent’s wing (and my, wouldn’t it be great to be back under there), but also to not be forced to go to class. Those of you from the Northeast know what I’m talking about. Waiting and praying for just a few snow days every year between November and April. Hoping the fluffy white stuff would come down and that the roads would be closed. Sigh- those are the days. There were also the numerous breaks-thanksgivings, Christmas, winter, spring-that kept you going throughout the year, knowing that soon, there would be a vacation. Now, sadly, you realize that there will be no more breaks. Sick days have to be calculated to the hour, so instead of getting that hacking cough checked out, you’ll suffer until you’ve accumulated the necessary nine hours to take a full day off of work.

    There are moments when many of you will sit and think to yourself “this is hell” and “I didn’t go to college for this”, but remember that it will get worse, before it gets better. Hang in there and know this: karma is a bitch.

    Good luck to you all; those with jobs and those without. For the latter group, you’ll find gainful employment and the joys of health insurance. For the former group, you better learn to enjoy it, because with the steady decline of social security, you will be working for the next 45 years.

    Heather B.

    Random Ruminations

    “Your mom goes to college”-Kip

    I’ve just discovered television on my computer. I love my job. Now I can watch all the C-SPAN and CNN I want, also throw in some Laguna and My Super Sweet 16 for good measure. Oh wait, there’s also Law and Order, my true love.

    In Madrid I had no problem with walking from Ventas to Sol-roughly 45 minutes each way. This in addition to walking from Ventas to my school near Avenida de Americas. But here, in the good ole US of A, I seriously contemplate walking from one side of Capitol Hill to the other. Like of course getting on at union station and changing lines to get to Capitol South, really makes sense. To those not from DC, check out a metro map-it’s the dumbest thought ever.

    It’s almost September 8th. That means the premiere of The OC. That means more of hot Peter Gallagher.

    Oh and one more time: I love My Super Sweet 16. On Sunday I flipped between that and the E! True Hollywood Story on Jessica and Ashlee Simpson. While on Martha’s Vineyard where it was a perfect day, thank you very much.

    Last week Wombat (or Midwest-they’re both awesome so who cares) noted that I want to be a politician and suggested that I plant some intentionally juicy gossip to later deny. Fucking brilliant. But I suppose now that I’ve publicly admitted it, people will read it and think that it’s bullshit. Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.

    Earlier we were listening to some Napoleon Dynamite quotes. I’m just mildly obsessed with that movie. I like movies with skills and large talons. If I really like you, I’ll catch you a delicious bass.

    I discovered a new blog today: The Heart Tribute Super Fan Page. I kinda heart it.

    I’ve been craving some serious chocolate today. Like for instance those chocolate covered macadamia nuts I inhaled. Today’s a good day for a chocolate fountain. Note to self, if I get married, get a chocolate fountain.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging and/or blog reading.


    There are no facts, only interpretations. ~Friedrich Nietzsche

    There is something mildly disturbing about vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard, while hundreds of thousands of people are suffering. People who have just lost all of their worldly possessions and their homes, while I’m trolloping around my mother’s summer home and she has yet to find out what happened to the house we have in Alabama, just two hours from New Orleans. It’s also disturbing that I can’t think of the words I need to convey my frustration and how distraught I’ve been about this entire mess. But this always happens when I’m extremely angry or frustrated. I can’t find my words and I end up in tears or with that all too familiar lump in my throat.

    Helpless isn’t even the word for right now. I spent the entire time in the airport Friday, rehashing what exactly went wrong and why no one could help the people that were there. I know I’m sounding naïve and trite, but right now I can’t help it. I also realize that all of what I want to say has been said, by people who can write about these situations much better than I. Personally I would like to point out the brilliant Jack Shafer (here and here) who I’ve been obsessed with for awhile now; as well as Krugman and Maureen Dowd. There you have it-I’m showing off the liberal in me.

    There are many things that I can be eloquent about when I put some sort of thought into it then there are times like these, where I am so flabbergasted and fucking livid that I don’t know what to say. I just sit around quietly with the lump in my throat. Come to think of it, this is how I’ve felt for the past five years. Sine the beginning of this administration. Always feeling like something bad were about to happen. Never completely safe Waiting for more to happen and now it feels like we’re beating the proverbial dead horse.

    Well look here. I seem to have written something somewhat coherent. It’s not perfect of course or the most eloquent thing in the world, but it’s just me feeling shitty (which is nothing new), but this time about something that I have no control over. But please by all means, go read something better than this pedestrian shit here.